Cryptocurrency Regulation

Offering products or services related to cryptocurrencies may require in most jurisdictions compliance with anti-money laundering provisions and/or licence requirements.

In order to avoid enforcement actions of regulators and to mitigate legal implications and reputational damage, possible regulatory requirements have to be assessed prior to entering the market. While the specific requirements may depend on the specific business model, type of target customer segments and relevant jurisdictions, experts such as regulatory lawyers may provide the necessary regulatory and legal assistance for cryptocurrency start-ups and incumbent entities.


Regulatory Technology (RegTech)

Meeting regulatory compliance is not only a requirement for products and services related to cryptocurrencies. Increasing the effectiveness and the efficiency of compliance are main objectives of the use of RegTech.



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Rodrigo Borges
Lawyer with experience in Corporate Law, Startups, Venture Capital, Digital and Entertainment. Founding Member of Oxford Blockchain Foundation. Co-author of the book "Cryptocurrencies in the International Scenario". Strategist in Blockchain from University of Oxford and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Master of Laws in Corporate Law from INSPER. Author, speaker and researcher of Innovation, Blockchain, Startups and Criptoassets.
Sima Baktas
I actively attend and run numerous EU projects as participant, facilitator and/or trainer. I have also been a trainer as a project expert in the fields of Project Cycle Management (PCM). As an entrepreneur lawyer, I have been writing columns in a monthly magazine called Business Woman. I am one of the leaders of the pioneering movement of Istanbul in cryptocurrency and blockchain law fields with the projection of legal aspects, organizing seminars and summits. I was selected to be a speaker of Global Blockchain Consortium based in London, UK. Our GlobalB Law Firm is selected as an official partner of New York based international Law Firm; CKR Law Firm.
Gino Wirthensohn
Switzerland (RegTech)
Regulatory Lawyer with FinTech/RegTech Start-up experience and prior engagements in banks and consulting firm.
Orkan Sahin
Orkan as entrepteniual and technology-focused lawyer is dedicated to FinTech, RegTech, LegalTech, DLT and Blockchain. He gained professional work experience at PwC and EY in Switzerland, as well as in law firms in Germany and Mauritius. As trusted legal business advisor, he has significant experience in the financial services industry with particular focus on regulatory and compliance projects.
Alireza Siadat
Alireza is a German lawyer and an expert in banking regulatory and compliance when it comes to market entry, passporting and MiFiD II compliance. He is counselling financial services market participants on regulatory and compliance matters as well as on M&A and Commercial Law. Alireza has advised some of the first German / EU ICOs, Crypto Fonds and Tech-companies on Blockchain related legal (regulatory) matters.
Steve Tendon
Steve Tendon is the Managing Director of TameFlow Consulting/ChainStrategies (, a consulting firm that provides research, analysis and strategy development for businesses that need to adopt or transition to Blockchain technologies. A senior executive management consultant, adviser, speaker and author. Steve’s research and consulting work focuses on the use of emerging technologies — in particular Blockchain technologies — to improve business performance.
Mafalda Almeida Carvalho
Thomas Naegele
Thomas Nägele advises international finance, technology and industrial enterprises, operating in the fields of Blockchain/DLT, telecommunications and internet, as well as public institutions. As a Liechtenstein Attorney and being an experienced software developer, he focusses on Internet/IT law, as well as civil and corporate law. Besides being Attorney and legal Advisor, he teaches at the University of Liechtenstein and gives lectures and presentations on the newest legal developments. In Addition, he is specialised in corporate governance.
Alexandra Stefan
Addison Cameron-Huff
I am a lawyer, blockchain expert, programmer, builder of companies, and Torontonian. I've managed a blockchain wallet company, built dev teams, provided legal advice to founders of Ethereum, taught at U of T law school, and was one of the first lawyers in Canada to work in blockchain. I've been a part of Toronto's cryptocurrency industry since the start of 2014 and given talks to audiences as diverse as the Law Society of Ontario and the RCMP. I've previously worked as a programmer and won programming competitions in the United States and Canada.
Mehdi EL Husseini
United Kingdom

Legal consultant | Blockchain Regulatory Framework | Founder Member at OXBC - Oxford Blockchain Foundation

Svetlana Turobova
Corporate lawyer practicing in the field of international financial and contract law, securities law, bankruptcy, formation of funds, acquiring, licensing and tax planning. Advising on the establishing of various types of legal entities around the world (EU, Asia, USA, offshores). Advising projects related to cryptocurrencies. Legal supporting of ICO from A to Z.
Kevin Koo
I have a keen interest in Blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, tokenization, digital assets, Hashgraph, initial coin offerings, payment solutions, and securitization. In 2017, I was privileged to become the legal advisor for an ICO called Hada DBank and for a crypto exchange called CoinBene.