Understanding Blockchain technology and related use cases such as Cryptocurrencies is a prerequisite for performing effective legal analysis of business models within this complex legal and regulatory environments.

Non-technical professionals can prepare themselves with courses and certifications for a profound understanding of blockchain technology to gain the ability to conduct a comprehensive legal and compliance risk assessment of a business model or build blockchain-based applications for businesses.

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Blockchain Law, Regulation and Policy

Gain a thematic understanding of regulatory and legal frameworks of the constantly evolving landscape of Blockchain Law, Regulation and Policy

Blockchain Law Regulation and Policy

Security Token Strategy

Take a step into the future & gain headway in the next billion dollar industry of asset tokenization

Security Token Strategy


Fore more in-depth education in digital currencies and blockchain technology:

MSc in Digital Currency

The World’s First Master’s Degree in Blockchain. The Master’s degree is designed to prepare participants to become competent professionals in the field of digital currency (Cryptocurrencies) and Blockchain technology. 

MSc in Digital Currency

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