Monochrome has legal approval to offer crypto ETFs in , and it has done this by acquiring a license from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). Monochrome can now sell exchange-traded funds (ETFs) for virtual currencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Monochrome Has Legal Approval To Offer BTC ETFs

Monochrome has been granted an Australian Financial Service License (AFSL) to run the Monochrome Bitcoin ETF. The business is currently one of the new asset managers in to be granted legitimacy to run a crypto ETF. They want to provide appropriate tracking services to investors based on their sales or acquisitions of digital asset values.

The company is authorized to give regular investors total control and direct experience with various cryptocurrencies such as Solana. For cryptocurrency newcomers, an ETF is better because of its low expense ratios.

The majority of the time, the ratios for trading and monitoring crypto assets are high, making it convenient. Affluent liquidity is another useful benefit that comes with an ETF, diversification, and a low investment requirement.


Monochrome Has Legal Approval To Offer Crypto ETFs In Australia

Significance Of BTC ETFs To The Australian Community

The Bitcoin ETF is being considered by the organization because it provides a regulated onramp cash flow for institutional and ordinary investors. Furthermore, exchange-traded funds would face numerous technological and legal challenges that existing retail and institutional investors face.

The decision, according to Monochrome, has expanded controlled investment choices for regular investors and qualified financial advisors. Jeff Yew, CEO of Monochrome, stated that the regulator’s acceptance of the license variation represents a significant step forward for the advising business and individual investors.

Advisors will now be able to satisfy their customers’ market requests for the emerging crypto-asset class.

Furthermore, he stated that offering regulated and more secure rails indicates that investors have a high degree of control over this form of risk. Certainly, both the industry and the investors will be victorious.


According to a recent poll conducted in , Australians are largely positive about the massive cryptocurrency development. The number of advisers allocating a percentage of their customers’ portfolios to digital assets has skyrocketed.

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