Hacktivist group Anonymous will investigate BAYC over Nazi symbolism claims made against them to determine their validity.

In a video posted to Twitter, the hacking collective Anonymous makes a commitment to look into allegations that the Bored Apes NFT collection has Nazi symbolism.

The founders of BAYC have strongly refuted the accusations.


Pedophilia, racism, sexism, occultism, and other vile claims have all been leveled against BAYC collections, according to Anonymous, which has vowed to look into them. The hacktivist collective also stated that it will occasionally publish its results.

The video, according to the hacktivist collective, is a kind invitation to the community of bored apes.

The hacktivist group Anonymous will investigate BAYC according to the aforementioned tweet, but some are even questioning the validity of that tweet, as you will see below.

Bored Apes and Ryder Ripps

The claims that Nazi iconography was included in the Bored Apes Yacht Club Collection and Yuga Labs’ products date back to Ryder Ripps.

Despite several declarations from the collection’s creators denying any connection to Nazism and other charged ideas, Ripps has continued to make these assertions, and Yuga Labs is suing for defamation.


Some members of the community have questioned if this is the actual Anonymous group, while others believe that Ripps and his crew are responsible for the video.

An Anonymous verified Facebook page posted on August 9 encouraging @nxg4n to keep up the good work before the video was made public on Twitter. Ryder Ripps and Pauly Cohen were also addressed in the since-deleted tweet.

Nxg4n exclusively tweets about conspiracy theories surrounding Yuga Labs, according to a review of its tweets. Nobody is aware of the account’s owner.

BAYC Founders Deny “Nazi Conspiracy” – How It Started?

The Bored Ape Yach Club (BAYC) founders addressed the recent uproar caused by a documentary that claimed they had promoted Nazi iconography.

Wylie Aronow, also known as Gordon Goner, the other co-founder of Yuga Labs, said that the business was the victim of a crazy misinformation campaign that was disseminating ridiculous conspiracy theories.

These allegations have already been rejected by Aronow and other Yuga Labs founders as being “far-fetched.”

An industry-wide discussion regarding the purpose of the collection has been sparked by a film by investigative YouTuber Phillip Rusnack accusing the BAYC of utilizing racist and Nazi iconography in their NFTs.

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