Phony Satoshi Nakamoto, phonier inventor of BTC, loses in court after falsely claiming to be the BTC cryptic inventor and failing to provide any evidence in UK court.

The allegations of Craig Wright, a tech expert, and businessman who claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin and the author of the blockchain’s whitepaper, were rejected by the UK Royal courts. Prior to the creation of Bitcoin, Dr. Craig had made multiple public statements endorsing Bitcoin Satoshi Vision, a fork of Bitcoin Cash. Peter McCormack, a supporter of cryptocurrencies, refuted the assertions.

phony satoshi nakamoto, inventor of BTC

Craig Wright‘s claims that he invented bitcoin were rejected by UK courts


The Australian computer scientist who claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto, Craig Wright i.e. the Phony Satoshi nakamoto, has been labeled as vague by the UK Royal courts. The claim that Craig invented Bitcoin and possesses the requisite evidence has been widely publicized in the media.

Dr. Wright referenced Canadian businessman Calvin Ayre in his oral testimony and linked him to his BSV advertisements. The former claimed that BSV stands for the main principles and ideals of the blockchain and that Calvin Ayre guided him throughout his Bitcoin creation journey. All of the craftspeople claiming Mr. Wright’s ownership, according to Craig, are charlatans trying to sell their cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, he threatened anyone who testified against him who was not Satoshi.

Wright is not Satoshi Nakamoto, according to a string of tweets from cryptocurrency podcaster, blogger, and Twitter titan Peter McCormack. He also declared that Mr. Wright is a phony and that there have been no complaints about his publication 11.1 whatsoever. Peter voiced his disagreements with Dr. Wright’s assertions at a discussion facilitated by Hotsep Jesus and Broadcast on YouTube.

Wright and his fellow countryman (Calvin) sued Peter McCormack for false accusations later in April 2019. Wright and Calvin snapped a snapshot in a courtroom to show their rage. As a result of the incident, there was more angst on Twitter, as fans shared Peter’s comments regarding the threats and the lawsuit that was sent to him.

Chamberlain asserted that the court had reached a decision based on concrete evidence presented by the defendant, Peter McCormack. Craig provided some information, but it was uninspiring and without merit. Dr. Wright also lacked sufficient persuasiveness given the inaccurate facts at hand and the circumstances of the initial case. The accusations made by Mr. Craig Wright were therefore untrue.


Peter expressed his gratitude by tweeting that justice had been served. He also complimented his attorneys for their hard work and the Royal Judge for telling the public the truth.

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