Coinbase faces class action lawsuit over the GYEN and TerraUSD Stablecoins as the platform got accused of failing to do its due diligence among other things as users lost huge sums as a result of the de-pegging of the stablecoins so let’s read more today in our latest altcoin news.

Coinbase faces class-action lawsuit as the plaintiffs claimed the trading platform was negligent in the listing of the TerraUSD Stablecoin and failed to disclose the financial relationship with tErraform Labs. This is the second class-action lawsuit against Coinbase while the first oen was filed last month with the connection of the GYEN stablecoin. The latest lawsuit alleges Coinbase was negligent to conduct due diligence on Terraform Labs before listing TerraUSD and failed to show the risk of an algorithmic stablecoin. The suit compared the information on stable coins provided by Robinhood, Gemini, and Kraken to the on of Coinbase and concluded that rather than disclose the nature of TErraUSD as uncollateralized, the exchange passed it off as another regular stablecoin.

The suit claimed that Coinbase Ventures was one of the biggest backers of Terraform Labs and that was another motivation of the company didn’t disclose the TerraUSD volatility. The plaintiffs and classes in the case are being represented by the law firm Milberg Coleman Bryson Phillips Grossman and Erickson Kramer Osborne. The latter is a company that represented the plaintiffs in a case filed against Coinbase and in relation to depeggin of the Japanese GYEN stablecoin.

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The GYEN token shot up in value and then dropped a week after being listed on Coinbase which caused the platform to freeze some of the users’ accounts. Some users lost money in the millions during the incident and the suit claims that filed in its duties to the plaintiffs and the class in a few ways, starting with the design of the stablecoin. Coinbase is claimed that engaged in negligent misrepresentation and failure to use reasonable care in listing the token despite the foreseeable risk of depegging.

As recently reported, Coinbase will create database for people that it was about to employ but it didn’t after the hiring freeze included the rescinding of job offers. The Talent Hub represents a list of people affected by the developments at Coinbase so now, a former Coinbase candidate can self-submit their name, current company, and contact information. 350 individuals who are mostly software engineers signed up so far.


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