The landmark monero mining case involving a music site developer who added a mining widget that mines XMR to his website will hit the Supreme Court in at the end of the year as we are reading more about it in our latest Monero news.

The case dates back to late 2017 when the Yokohama-based man admitted he used a Coinhive-developed app on the website which led visitors to mine Monero. The app distributed 30% of the coins mined to the developers and 70% of the site publisher. The police in 2018 claimed that the app was a “virus” and exacted a nationwide crackdown on the mining-related software. The man was hit with a fine but then he was fighting the verdict ever since as he took the case through the district court system and now to the Supreme Court. The developer claimed that all along the punishment was not appropriate but that the app was not a virus and he didn’t think he was doing anything wrong and illegal.

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The case has been to the High court but the main will have his case heard y the Supreme Court of Justice from December 9. the legal system was flummoxed by the case so in the case of the crypto assets there’s no public institution that can manage the transactions. In 2019, the district court judge ruled that a mining app can be seen as a source of funds to maintain and to improve the quality of the site, adding that it could benefit the visitors and was not different from other web advertisements. Another separate judgment took the police’s side but claimed that these apps as these damages public trust are malicious.


Most of the judgments on the case have been divided over the maliciousness of the developers’ actions. Now, the Landmark monero mining case could hit the courts by December as the National Police Agency warned site operators on its cybercrime website that the officers will take countermeasures on websites that will use mining plugins. Nikkei noted that there have been no noticeable mining-related prosecutions and the police officials appear to be watching the Supreme court case with a strong interest.


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