An Ex government official Mark Camilleri became a whistleblower on events about murder and corruption in the country and published his claims as an NFT so let’s read more in our latest crypto news today.

The Ex Government official is now selling his account of the conduct he says he witnessed while working in the government. He is selling his book in an NFT form while claiming that most of those involved in large-scale corruption cases are still in power. The Blockchain Island had its dreams flushed down the drain to become the perfect space for crypto and blockchain amid street protests and cries of “mafia state” after the government officials were implicated in the death case of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia.

Daphne Caruana Galizia was blown up in her car, after reporting on government corruption. IMAGE Corinne Vela

Mark Camilleri who worked at the government, made some allegations about events surrounding Galizia’s murder and asserted that ’s blockchain island promise was all fake promises, and pinned his accusations on his former boss Ex-prime Minister Joseph Muscat. His allegations were titled “a rent seeker’s paradise” and it is available in an NFT form alone. The NFTs went on sale on September 15 but now he is printing out a book, launching it on the day that Galizia died four years ago. Camilleri decided on an NFT format to raise awareness of the medium as well as the funds to publish the book.

Caruana Galizia was a journalist and a mother of three who was assassinated when a bomb exploded in her car in 2017. she had a mission to expose the corruption in and threatened to spread the word to the Europan Union. She had the most data on Muscat and his associates and accused his wife and ministers of misdeeds. Michelle Muscat was cleared after a 15-month inquiry found no evidence of any wrongdoing. However, when billionaire Jorgen Fenechwas arrested two years ago and accused him of Galizia’s murder, the prosecutors alleged close links between him and other senior government officials. Shortly after, Muscat resigned.


Mark Camilleri in his role as chairman of the National Book Council with former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat. Image Mark Camilleri

Camilleri credits muscat for the radical overhaul that he created in ’s economy and laws as he opened up the island for foreign investment, innovation, and a building boom but he said that he went too far with an oil-smuggling scandal with Lybia. However, his NFT book could just be the most innovative thing to get out of which is only showing that the country is still crypto-favorable.


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