delays crypto taxation regulatory framework and the Democratic Party of Korea intends to delay the policy of digital assets so let’s read more today in our latest crypto news.

The ruling Democratic Party of aims to delay the upcomign taxation policy of the digital assets and as per the officials, taxing bitcoin and altcoin investors still don’t have proper infrastructure. The Democratic party of had plenty of objections in regards to the upcoming law which plans to start taxing gains made from crypto investments. As per the reports, they have even passed a new bill that could suspend the legislation which should go into effect in 2022.

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The 64-year old member of the Ruling Democratic Party Noh Woong-Rae said that the Asian country doesn’t have a plan to implement the new taxing procedure and delaying the initiative seems inevitable:


“In a situation where the relevant taxation infrastructure is not sufficiently prepared, the deferral of taxation on virtual assets is no longer an option but an inevitable situation.”

Woong-are added that the Ministry of Finance policy of enforcing taxation over digital asset endeavors will not work as planned. He explained that it is hard to secure the proper taxing of the operations overseas with cryptos or peer-to-peer transactions. With that being said, the politicians said that the Democratic Party will attempt to settle the issue and brings it up to the highest governing body of the nation which is the National Assembly:

“As the relevant laws for tax deferral and real tax cuts are currently pending in the standing committee, we will actively persuade fellow lawmakers so that they can be dealt with in the regular National Assembly.”

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South African Crypto Firms, regulation, fsca

’s Finance Minister Hong Nam-Ki seemed determined to impose the new law from the start of this year and he even predicted that this move is only a matter of when:

“It’s inevitable; we will need to impose taxes on gains from trading of virtual assets.”

delays the crypto taxation law while the country’s authorities had their own doubts about the upcoming taxation of crypto assets. As per the reports, nearly 54% of them approve ’s plans to slam a 20% tax on gains made from digital asset trading and 38% were against it.


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