Ripple board member and Trump associate Ken Kurson, got arrested on cyberstalking charges and he is now in Federal Custody as we are reading more in our ripple XRP news.

Kuron is known for his political and crypto affiliations as he founded Modern Consensus, a crypto publication back in 2018, but he is also a Ripple board member and founder of the New Jersey Globe political website. He helped the New York Observer for four years where he served as an editor in chief. Jared Kushner, President’s Donald Trump son in law, was the publisher. Kurson’s intersection with the Trump family has their roots way back to 2008 however when he was involved in the failed presidential campaign of Rudy Guiliani and wrote a book with him afterward. Guiliani is one of the few lawyers of Trump. Kurson returned to presidential politics to work on a speech for the United States President Donald Trump in his 2016 campaign.

Ken Kurson

According to the FBI, Kurson uses aliases sometimes and he used them to send threatening messages to people that he holds responsible for the divorce. The agency has evidence that Kurson installed keystroke software on another computer to conduct cyberstalking. The criminal investigation is a few years in the making and scuttled his appointment to the National Endowment for the Humanities in 2018. He joined Ripple’s board in 2017 and according to Ripple’s announcement, “Kurson provides unique editorial and analyst expertise that will help support Ripple’s work to drastically increase the speed and efficiency of cross-border payments.”

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In our previously reported news on Ripple, Ripple will help Mercy Corps to provide financial solutions for the 10 million people that are unbanked by contributing $10 million to the company in order to create economic opportunities for the vulnerable populations. The funds will try to ensure that unbanked people will not be left behind in the fintech revolution. The initiative also includes investments in fintech startups based in the Global South and Latin America region.

The blockchain-powered remittance network Ripple will contribute $10 million to help Mercy Corps which is a non-governmental organization that specializes in “creating economic opportunities for vulnerable populations” to bring digital finance to unbanked people. Blockchain-powered remittance network Ripple will contribute $10 million to help Mercy Corps, a non-governmental organization (NGO) that specializes in “creating economic opportunities for vulnerable populations,” to bring digital finance to millions of unbanked people, the company announced on October 15.

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