Russian Police arrests the former chief of the Russian post local branch for mining cryptocurrencies inside the office for more than six months. In the latest cryptocurrency news, we take a closer look at the police report.

The Russian police arrest the former chief after launching a criminal investigation and learning that the former chief of the regional post office managed to mine cryptocurrencies through the office’s network in the town of Mineralnye Vody which is located in the South of the country. According to the latest reports published by the local news outlet RNS, the SU Investigative Committee of , the former chief of the post office is suspected of illegally installing and mining cryptocurrencies with ‘’professional hardware’’ by using the company power grid for almost half the year. The scheme established by the suspect was traced all the way back in 2019.

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According to the local authorities behind the investigation, the Federal Postal Service of the Stavropol Territory suffered huge damages of more than 30,000 rubles which is $427.50 US dollars. The accused will be charged with ‘’abuse of power’’ according to the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. The investigation committee is still collecting evidence. The identity of the person that was detained by the police was not yet disclosed to the media since the investigation is still ongoing and the criminal charges were not filed yet.

A similar case happened in Saint Petersburg in March last year when the Russian Police reported an ongoing operation to capture Bitcoin miners who managed to steal $200,000 worth of electricity every month to mine cryptocurrency. The criminals managed to set up eight locations that were able to connect their mining equipment to the public electricity supply.


Also as previously reported, Russian nuclear engineer Denis Baykov, who works at the Sarov nuclear base, was fined $7,000 for illegally using the plant’s supercomputers for bitcoin mining. Baykov used the nuclear power plant’s supercomputer without anyone knowing to mine bitcoins. According to the reports, Baykov accessed the supercomputers on September 17th to mine bitcoins which is a violation of the plant’s rules regarding the computer operation.

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