Cybercriminals are getting more advanced in what they do and as new reports from Scmagazine show, a new Monero mining malware is now out there infecting users’ computers by spreading the virus through a platform for online file storage known as Bitbucket. The Monero news today also show that among the malware, the culprits which are spreading include the Evasive Monero Miner, data stealers, ransomware, Trojan viruses and the IntelRapid cryptocurrency stealer. What’s important to note is the fact that the Bitbucket team has been warned about the new Monero mining malware and is timely eliminating the threat on its platform. However, we can still see that as per the report, more than 500,000 users have had their computers infected by now. Other than this malware, we can see that the price of Monero (XMR) on the market is safe and shooting up. There is stability which XMR wants to claim now above the $90 level and with its current price of $85 and an overnight surge of 6%, we can see that this is entirely possible. Additionally, we can see that Monero (XMR) has cleared resistance above $85 and a stable move to $90 is expected in order to sustain the bull run. Ever since the XMR/USD pair struck a major price jump, the altcoin has been rising – and the Monero news today show that the gains are still in. Despite the scarcity around the Monero mining malware spread by cybercriminals on Bitbucket, the situation around the coin is stable and XMR has just formed new correcting candles after hitting the $85 price point. At the moment, the coin is gaining and could certainly be included in our tomorrow’s altcoin news update as one of the best performing altcoins out there. Against Bitcoin, the price of Monero is changing hands at around 8000 SAT and is now trading within a channel and above the moving averages. Its RSI indicator suggests that the price may break down as it could cross down the moving averages. In a scenario like that, the nearest resistance levels may be put at 8600 SAT, 8800 SAT and 9000 SAT. Meanwhile, if the sellers hold the XMR price and push it beneath the current price, the next level of support will be even greater, spelling good news for the Monero cryptocurrency and the entire ecosystem.

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