According to a new report from the Islamic Republic of , ’s government is allegedly creating a policy that will benefit the cryptocurrency miners in the country, by granting them over 1,000 licenses. In our latest cryptocurrency news, we take a closer look at what this could mean for the nation.

’s Government and other countries throughout the globe, make noticeable advances in regulating the cryptocurrency sector, concretely in the sphere of the supervision of the cryptocurrency mining industry.   One of the most important news this week was a report that the Islamic Republic of had given over 1,000 crypto mining licenses to cryptocurrency firms in the country. The vastly represented firms in the ones that got the licenses are large cryptocurrency mining farms that are the only ones at this moment to bear the huge electricity costs.

The news comes from an official from ICT Guild Organization, Amir Hossein Saeedj Naeini. According to him, the cryptocurrency mining industry in the country is still young, while there is the belief held by many that the country has huge potential, which is attracting a huge number of people to But to be mining cryptocurrencies in a legal way, every existing and new miner must hold an official license. According to Amir Hossein Saeedj Naeini:

 “The Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade has issued more than 1,000 licenses for cryptocurrency mining in the country.”

Additionally, he also noted that the cryptocurrency mining industry has the potential to generate another $8.5 billion to the economy of the Islamic Republic of , according to a certain new government study. But there are certain obstacles in achieving the goal, with the biggest being the high electricity costs that are facing miners in the country. As is wildly known a lot of computing power and electricity is needed for cryptocurrency mining. This is a huge obstacle and challenge for crypto miners in the Islamic Republic of because only big firms can have the luxury to work, while smaller enterprises are forced to close.

 “High electricity tariffs plus stringent regulations have made the sector less appealing for small investors.”

Besides this the official from the ICT Guild Organization, Amir Hossein Saeedj Naeini noted that more discussions will be held in order favorable conditions are found for the cryptocurrency mining industry.

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