It seems like the Bitcoin scams news are getting more and more present each new month. In the latest updates, the major UAE outlet Gulf News published a piece on October 30 and said that one Dubai-based Canadian (expat) has recently been arrested for peddling an allegedly fraudulent “Sharia-compliant” cryptocurrency as well as a host of other get-rich-quick schemes. The new Dubai BTC scam is all over the news now.

The piece was reported at the end of last month, featuring Aziz “Com” Mirza who has cultivated himself a reputation for being a successful entrepreneur, mentor and Instagram influencer. However, the new Dubai BTC scam led the Canadian expat to jail – he is now arrested and serves a sentence after a complaint was filed with the Dubai Police by a UAE resident who was allegedly defrauded of $150,000 in one of Com’s naughty schemes.

Also known as “Bitcoin of the Middle East” scam, this new Dubai BTC scam was targeting a global audience. In it, Com attempted to defraud retail investors from the United States, United Kingdom, and Greece. In just one of the schemes – dubbed the Leverage Programme (LP) and promising investors guaranteed “financial freedom” within a year – Com is thought to have raised $5.18 million.

The “Habibi coin” of the new Dubai BTC scam is now worthless – but was billed as the “Bitcoin of the Middle East.”

Most of the funds from the investors around the world were wired to the bank account of the Dubai-based company owned by one of Com Mirza’s brothers. Huge amounts were allegedly used to pay for personal expenses.

Com and another one of his brothers, named Rafaqat “Rocky” Mirza, both used the UK-based online platform Muslim Entrepreneur Network (MEN) where they promoted the new Dubai BTC scam and encouraged MEN users to invest a minimum of £5,000 ($6,480).

As we can see from the Gulf News report, there are more and more Habibi coin investors which are sailing out in the open now. Greece-based Ippokratis Boboras spoke to Gulf News as a defrauded investor who bought $10,000 worth of Habibi Coin back in 2018.

“I was familiar with Com Mirza through the internet marketing community where he was considered an authority. I had personal chats with him via Facebook and I sent money to his personal Paypal account,” he said.

The new Dubai BTC scam proves that there is a wave of fraudulent schemes appearing in almost every part of the world.

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