Crypto lawyer from a Moscow-based law firm claims that there is a solution to get the lost funds from the hacked Mt.Gox exchange as we are about to read in the coming altcoin news.

The creditors of the exchange still wait for the Japanese court to resolve what happens with their lost funds and according to them, ZP Legal is the company who contacted them earlier this year and offered them an opportunity to recover almost a quarter of the missing 850,000 bitcoin who disappeared in 2014 during the exchange hack. The coins are worth more than $8.5 billion today. The law firm estimated that more than 200.000 of the coins can be recovered by taking legal action against the Russian nationals who received the stolen money. In return, the law firm will charge the creditors 50 to 75 percent of the recovered sum as well as an hourly rate. ZP Legal says they will only accept payments in an event of a successful recovery.

The managing partner and crypto lawyer from ZP Legal, Alezdander Zheleznikov, believes that some of the money which were stolen from MT. Gox might have ended up on another exchange which is also not functioning at the moment. In fact, his claim was investigated by the former Mt.Gox user Kim Nilson who alleged in order by the US District Court of the Northern District of California. Following the order, the now-defunct BTC-e exchange and its operator Alexander Vinnik got arrested in Greece in 2017 and is now facing extradition to the US or Russia to face trial over money laundering accusations. Zheleznikov believes that the criminal case against Vinnik can be accelerated if the creditors from MT. Gox come forward as victims and help law enforcement establish a connection between the two exchanges. He added:

 “Our plan is to represent the Mt.Gox creditors and help them report to Russian law enforcement so that the investigators could establish the connection between the stolen funds from Mt Gox, the operations of BTC-e and WEX, using Vinnik’s case.’’

ZP Legal claims to have successfully recovered as much as $1 million of the funds on behalf of an unnamed client from another exchange based in Russia as we read in the latest cryptocurrency news.

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