The police in successfully arrested 24 people suspected of being involved in a $2.47 million hack from a crypto firm in Istanbul that was unregistered according to the crypto news coming from government-backed media outlet Daily Sabah.

After a report of an alleged hack from the company in Istanbul that, the Cybercrime Department of the city police tracked the stolen money and found out there were moved out directly from the hacked accounts to other exchanges’ accounts. Most of the funds were stolen in Bitcoin (BTC), Ripple (XRP) and Ethereum (ETH) reaching up to 13 million Turkish Lira.

The police launched an entire operation to track the hackers and found out that the individuals were using their accounts on the popular multiplayer battle royal game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds to communicate.

According to the official police report, the raids were carried out in eight Turkish provinces such as Izmir, Ankara, Istanbul, Bursa, Edirne, Bolu, Antalya and Afyonkarahisar. The police managed to seize about $10.000 or 54,000 TRY in cash.

22 suspects were taken to the Istanbul Courthouse while the other two were released after they were questioned at the police station. Six of them were arrested by the court, and 16 released under parole.

The same thing happened a few weeks ago but in the United States after the 20-year old American was caught and arrested for the theft of $5 million in crypto after he managed to scam 40 victims through SIM swapping and was charged for 10 years in prison.

Crypto scams are on the rise again after they reached record high numbers in 2018.

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