Opposition Leader Slams Government Of For Inaction: Gets Schooled Over Fake News

has been at forefront of the Blockchain revolution. The island nation has been enacting laws to entice investment in its crypto sector. It has recently reached consensus with fellow EU members to support blockchain usage. Thus far it has been repeatedly listed on the top spot for bitcoin friendly countries. This is something the leader of the opposition, Adrian Delia, states is slipping due to the incumbent party’s inactivity in recent times.

Legitimate Concerns?

According to the national daily, The Independent, the opposition leader has been roundly criticized for the pot shot he took at the current lethargy that has seeped in. While not quoting him directly the news source claimed that Delia is not convinced that the current trajectory of growth will last. His concerns stem from the fact that while “ was touted as Bitcoin Island by the government but the government has been completely silent over the Christmas holidays on practically everything.”

This opposition has raised these concerns, despite the fact that the government has signed many agreements welcoming crypto startups with open arms. Businesses such as crypto exchange Binance are all set to set up in the tiny country. Joseph Muscat the president of is known to be a fan of the blockchain technology and has continuously striven to make the country a “Blockchain Island.”

Quick Response From The Government.

Following those comments Mr. Silvio Schembri, Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation responded by detailing that all business had been transacted earlier and now they are building on those foundations. The government is now focused on protecting the industry and the general public from nefarious actions and con artists.

“The prime focus was going to be giving more peace of mind and protection for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.”

While it has confused some crypto enthusiasts, political commentators are less surprised. Delia has been facing a backlash from within and without over allegations of domestic abuse; a charge strenuously denied by the member of parliament. While the importance of the opposition can never be understated, this latest episode has a whiff of political intrigue rather than genuine concern. In any case, there is no denying the government’s intentions of becoming a crypto haven.

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