One of the biggest exchanges out there, Coinbase, has still not given Bitcoin SV to its Bitcoin Cash (BCH) holders following the hard fork that occurred in November last year and split the altcoin in two new versions – a story that is everywhere in the latest digital currency news. The fork away from Bitcoin Cash by Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre’s preferred chain which was called Bitcoin SV or “Satoshi’s Vision” happened on November 15th and was widely reported across all media outlets including our DC Forecasts crypto news site. Just like the original Bitcoin Cash hard fork, users who had money on the Bitcoin Cash chain would now by right have money on the Bitcoin SV chain as well. However, Coinbase has yet to give the Bitcoin SV earnings to the BCH holders. Poloniex led the way in this manner, giving the BCH holders their well-earned share with simply depositing the tokens to their BCH wallets as soon as the fork went live. However, users who are trading on Coinbase are frustrated since Coinbase hasn’t done this yet. According to one user’s message sent to Coinbase:

“I already read that generic update before I wrote you. Your team hasn’t updated us for 5 weeks since then. It is about time for a further update. Please provide something better than just rehashing what you already have on your website, we deserve better.”

To this, Coinbase responded:

“Thanks for contacting Coinbase Support. I understand the importance of your digital currency and thank you for your patience with us. I’ve taken a look at your case and am working with a specialist to address your issue properly. Please note that these reviews are typically completed within 5-7 business days. Thanks again for your understanding.”

The exchange also said (on the same day):

“Following the BCH hard fork and conclusion of the hash war, Bitcoin SV has confirmed the creation of a new coin, BSV. Coinbase intends to allow customers to withdraw BSV at a future date, though we do not currently intend to support trading, buys or sells. We will provide additional updates as they are available. We anticipate development work for BSV withdrawals will take at least a few weeks, but may take longer.”

However, users are still frustrated since it is more than 7 weeks after the fork and their complaints are getting serious, especially because Bitcoin SV’s value is changing. Reddit users have also been wondering for some time when they will receive their BSV.

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